Monday, 15 September 2014


I found this paragraph in one of my old sketchbooks while sorting through things for my new studio, I wrote it a probably around 2 years ago it is on the subject of Style:

"Style is not a tangible thing unlike the core elements of work, which briefly reprise of colour, shape, line, the picture plane, idea, concept, depiction, medium, texture and depth. Style is a problem, it's not a way of working but instead a way of describing how an artist chooses to employ these 'core elements of work'.
Artists can easily be drawn into the belief that they must form a style or continue one once they have worked within their constructed process.
It is a problem, because firstly it can destroy or impede an artists creativity in a number of ways and can lead the direction of work. Another problem with the idea of a style is that as something intangible it is easily influenced by others which can create similar work or trends within groups of individuals. 
The artists greatest weapon in defence of style is creativity."

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