Monday, 4 March 2013

3 months in... 2013.

13 is an odd number, literally and visually. It kinda wants to get together and become a B.

I should update with some small things. I'm currently re-designing my website, its taking a while because I have been pretty busy of late, but it is getting there.

Here is a snippet of a map that will be up on the site:

The first step in re-designing or moreover refreshing a site, any site, should be to look at what you already have, and what you want to have. I tend to update my site once every maybe 2 years with a larger refresh, and then periodically update with new work, its been a while since my last update however.

I also try to think of the site as a physical place, an art gallery, a place where people go to see the art. The overall design shouldn't fight for your attention. 

This is why I wouldn't choose to integrate a blog into the site or use it as a social platform. I think the social elements, a blog, twitter etc are best left separate, they are part of the distraction of the design of most portfolio sites in my opinion, I mean imagine if you can a blog personified as the artist within an art gallery stood around updating the gallery goers with some holiday snaps, or doodling on a napkin and trying to pin it up on the gallery wall.

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