Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lord Of The Flies Cover

I recently took a trip to Seattle, flying from Manchester to Philadelphia then connecting through.

I'd taken Lord Of The Flies with me, I'd never read the book, but decided I'd probably really like it, given that I was (am) a huge fan of Lost, and as it was a major influence on the series felt that it was about time.

I'm not going to review the book, but it was/is a great book, the similarities with Lost were apparent, I saw simon as the John Locke figure, wandering into the Jungle to 'listen' to the island, Simon was taken by madness, unlike John Locke, and the supernatural wasn't as real an element as on the show, manifesting itself instead in the minds of the children.

I picked up the version with Neil Gowers illustration (below), it's such a beautiful cover, It reminded me a little of my own work, I can tend to slip into creating almost a pattern when illustrating, and the cover reminded me of that, the intricacy of communicating through a balance of space.

What I was most intrigued about with the book, was the fact that I could see so clearly the landscape in my mind, to the point of tripping over the undergrowth myself, and it was this that I was most taken by, I have always been drawn to the idea of islands and castaways, I'm not sure why, maybe I was washed up on one in a former life.

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