Monday, 13 June 2011

A short history of the Digital Camera's I have owned

I've always been interested in photography, I remember getting a Kodak Advantix when I was around 8 for Christmas, it was amazing when I was 8, it had a special Advantix 24mm film which could shoot 4 x 11" panoramic shots.
When I got to 16 and went to art school (which wasn't that long ago try 8 years or so ) we got given a 35mm Nikon or Minolta SLR (I forget which) and some rolls of black and white film, we were then told to go up to Lindly graveyard in Huddersfield and take some photos (a little creepy) we then had to develop the film in the dark room, use enlargers etc, it was great! I wish I'd kept the photos but they have been lost over the past few years.
Even though digital was around in 2002/03, you learnt photography on film, which is how every course should be, there isn't a better was to fully understand photography until you have to control everything about the shot your taking, shutter speed, aperture, and then even how to expose the negative to create the prints and all the timing that all of that involves.

I'm going to run you through a history of my digital camera's, looking back now some of them weren't great but at the time they were the greatest and most important thing in my possession.

Fujifilm Finepix A303. 2003-04

The A303 was my first digital camera, I can't remember why I chose Fujifilm, I think it was because back then they had some great small digital camera's, well priced for a 16 year old kid who had no money. I remember being amazed at the fact that I could shoot as many photos as I wanted and look at them instantly. This is the whole hook of the digital film age, no print costs (unless you wanted prints)
It was a pretty good camera I probably had it for a couple of years, I have all the photos I took on this camera on a disk...somewhere.

Fujifilm Finepix E550 Zoom. 2004-05

The E550 was my second (soon to be ill-fated) camera, after the first fuji I felt I might as well carry on with Fuji, back then they used XD cards so I didn't have to shell out for new cards. The camera was a massive leap from the A303, it had the enlarged hand grip, full manual controls and focus, the LCD screen was huge in comparison to the A303, and the picture quality was fantastic helped in part to the Super CCD sensor that Fuji had just introduced.

However, one sunny day back in 2005 I accidentally left the camera...on top of my dads car, just before a long journey...I realised after about 20 minutes later that my camer was missing and then the realisation dawned on me. It was a great camera who's life was sadly cut short by my uselessness.

Fujifilm Finepix F810 Zoom. 2005-08

After the premature death of my E550, I purchased the F810 Zoom. Unlike the previous two I still have this camera. I remember seeing the photos for the first time and being amazed at the quality of the photographs, this was an amazing camera, the body was solid metal, which made a change from the cheap plastic of the camera's of the day, it felt weighty, it had a widescreen LCD and could shoot panoramic. I used it for around 3/4 years, and is the longest standing camera to date on my list. Towards the end however the lens started to fail, I believe I dropped it at some point and it slightly bent the lens, then grit got into it from years of use, which added to the problem. 
All in all a great companion for a number of years which took some truly memorable photos.

Panasonic DMC-LX3. 2008-present

I think there is a little bit of a secret going round, people with this camera know it. This DMC-LX3 is a thing of beauty, black metal chasis, Leica lens, incredible image quality this picture below is enough to make you want to buy it...

I consider this camera the best I've ever bought for size for quality, It's the kind of camera you will have in 50 years and show your grankids, it's the kind of camera they would have used in back to the future if they ever came back to today. Seriously buy one, before they don't sell them, that is all.

Canon 60D. 2011-present

Over the years I'm amassed a large number of camera's, I'm not just talking digital I probably have around 20 film camera's, I would say around 5 film SLR's, ranging from Zenits to Minolta's. I tend to collect cameras on their age and pretty much how they look, but that's for another blog post on another day.
The canon 60D not to be confused with the D60, is the first Digital SLR I have owned. I've used a number of DSLR's over the years, primarily when working at ATTIK we had a 500D and a 5D, I used to shoot shots for Coca-Cola mainly for mock ups of ad's etc and for other stuff.

I'm pretty much in amazement,, I can't really say much about the 60D till I take it out properly over the next few weeks, I've got a number of photographic project ideas, which I will hopefully share soon. There is so much I could say about this camera but I'm not going to you can read reviews/spec etc elsewhere. 


I use both my Canon 60D and my Lumix DMC-LX3, both have their advantages over each other, either through size or lens. Since my first digital camera 8 years ago, things have moved forward incredibly fast, I remember seeing 3mp and thinking that's incredible, these days I think everything is leveling out, I just wonder what i'll have in the next 8 years, most probably the same 2 cameras I use now, the quality of the images of both of these camera's is in my opinion future proof.

The only thing missing from this post is what photography is all about, the photographs, the ideas, the vision to create something great, to record memories, to capture the day to day and in general record our lives, this is what makes photography amazing. If you don't have a camera get a Lumix DMC-LX3 ha! seriously get out there and start recording your life, you only live once.


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