Thursday, 13 January 2011

There will always be haters...

An email i received today.
The guy left his name... henry tice, and also his email if anyone wants to drop him a line:

Dear Mike Lemanski,
I hate you.
Your design on google is horribly horrible.
you have no talent at all you stupid lowlife prick.
you should never create anything ever again for the rest of your miserable life.
you need to go away.
i think i speak for the majority of google chrome users when i say you need to curl up in an alleyway and die.
thank you for your time.


I dont know about you but I think he likes me?


  1. Mr. Lemanski, There are more lovers than haters. I just found you on grainedit, and I think your work is fucking ace!

    Whereas Henry on the other hand, you are quite forgettable... and the only majority you can speak for is the mediocre majority.


  2. I'd take it as a compliment!
    I love your work!

  3. Who takes the time to write stuff like that? Minutes wasted on non-constructive anger.

    Anyway, I like your work and theme, in fact, I posted about it over at Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Hey Jessica, thanks for the blog post, much appreciated! Some people just have nothing better to do! (not you the email guy!)

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  6. Hi Mike,

    I'm a fan (coming from Switzerland) of your work, don't worry about guys like this. ;)
    It's not cool to receive mails like this, but well, that's a reaction! Nothing is worse for an artist than have no reactions from is work, don't you agree?

    Respect to you, and keep up the good job you do!


    David A.

    ps: maybe I have just one question: is there a name for the visual work like you did here: ?
    This old school some kind of art, I can't put a name on it.

  7. That is brilliant!

    Sounds like a 5 year old.