Friday, 22 October 2010

Do i have the biggest collection of Letraset in the UK?

...Probably not, but I do have quite a few decadry transfers, probably over 200! of all sizes, types and colours (well white, gold and black) housed in an amazing tin I got last xmas from Mark's n Sparks, illustrated by Sanna Annukka. sweet.
A local graphic supply shop was clearing out stock and had a box full of the transfers, so i pretty much bought the lot for next to nothing, jealous much? haha.


  1. ja ja!
    hello from spain!
    i once asked myself the same question:
    "do i have the biggest collection of letraset in town?"
    the same happened to me when i went to a local shop and saw in a corner some boxes full of letrasets ready to be thrown to the garbage!!!
    fortunately, i was there to bring them home (for free!).
    congrats for your work.


  2. haha thats amazing! for free! nice.


    I want to buy " two from you.
    One old english, and one times new roman.

    if you have the two in gold. very good! you send them.
    contact me on my mail.