Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I needed some new photo's for various reasons, including an interview with Urban Outfitters. So I sat on my desk, I actually thought it might give way, it didn't and I got some good shots on the worlds greatest camera my Panasonic DMC-LX3, seriously the best camera I've ever owned. You can get amazing results with the flash up using the macro.

This is me.

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  1. hola man, my name is john and I have 21 years old. I'm from Argentina .. I'm just finishing the race and iustracion graphic design .. every day I spend looking flckr `s blogs or websites or forums .. or magazines or whatever to talk about design. for some reason come to your site .. and that I really love your work. the truth that strikes me as sure a lot when I heard that you got no more than 24 years .. I thought after a while and you learn that a year that is a lot of time .. many things still to learn and know.
    I congratulate you for your work .. I let my flickr .. to give you a turn. and if you ever need a helping hand in a project, well there are many people who would like to participate: D jejej see you man!