Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Epson 1520

I've used my Epson 1520 for about 3 or 4 years, it's an ancient A2 plotter, it's a workhorse of a machine, which I initially bought while at uni for about £200, I figured it was more economical than buying prints every time i wanted something printing, I also figured if it's mine I can do whatever i want with it, which led to lots of experimentation. 

He's a temperamental printer, an old man who's really slow, but on a good day can actually be outstanding. The inks are around £2 each which is one of the best things, most A2 printers these days have about 8 separate cartridges which are about 15quid each! It back loads and i've put 350gsm through.
That's about it, get one if you want a cheap A2 printer which is economically great. You can pick them up on ebay, there always seems to be one up for sale.


  1. Hi there, great post - thanks for writing it. Can you tell me - how big is it? And also how do you connect to a modern computer like an MacBook? Also, where do you get the ink from??? Thanks! Laura.