Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I think this January just gone was the longest I can remember, so I welcome February and hopefully a little more sunshine? On the work front I've been really busy. My site is coming along, so it should be up soon. I always feel that there isn't enough up to show, it's been a year and a half since it was last up, and in that time I've been busy working with little time for my personal design pursuits. It has allowed me to read though which is nice and also get back into painting and drawing etc, which has now become a major direction I hope to pursue.

I'm currently working on the Coca-Cola Olympic games visuals, so cans, pet's, billboards etc freelance for attik, I can never show any of this work as I have NDA's coming at me from all directions.
I have a list as long as my arm which is full of ideas for my own personal work and explorations, it's something nice to chip away at over the coming year.

From today I am also starting the 'poster a day' campaign, which is where I create a new poster everyday, I need to find subjects for these e.g concerts, festivals and general going's on that people need to know about. if you have something maybe I could help? I need 365 events!

Here is a (really bad) photo of my studio, I could do with a bookcase, I have a pile of books almost as high as me!(not in the shot) does anybody else find that bookcases in general don't accommodate for art books, they need to be deeper and taller, we seem to be stuck with shelves, with their limitless height and variable lengths, somehow a bookcase just seems neater though.

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